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The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College has a number of valuable booklets and brochures to help individuals planning for retirement and those people who are already in retirement.

  • Using Your House reviews the two most common ways to use your house to boost your income in retirement – downsizing and a reverse mortgage. They provide clear examples, a discussion of the pros and cons of each approach, and links to tools on the web where you can get estimates of what downsizing or a reverse mortgage can do for you.
  • Managing Your Money in Retirementis another of their brochures that gives a concise overview for new retirees, presented in three steps.  “Define Your Retirement Needs” emphasizes the everyday expenses needed to maintain one’s standard of living.  “Add Up What You Have” covers both regular sources of income and assets, such as savings and home equity.  “Decide What to Do” walks the reader through the planning process and suggests how to handle shortfalls.

The Center for Retirement Research has several interactive programs that may help individuals who are approaching retirement.

  • Target Your Retirementis an interactive program that helps near retirees develop a reasonable plan for maintaining their standard of living in retirement. With user inputs, the program calculates an income target and estimates how close the user is to hitting it. Target then lets users adjust three powerful levers – controlling spending, working longer, and tapping home equity – to help meet their goal.
  • Curious Behaviors That Can Ruin Your Retirementis an interactive program on behavioral impediments to retirement planning. A host leads users through exercises designed to create an “Aha!” moment as they relate to the behaviors. The host then explains how the behavior can hinder retirement planning and how to cope with it. Users can then go to a “Learn More” page with additional information in various media formats.

These electronic products are available for use or redistribution free of charge.