Why Hire an Executive Coach?

Executive Coaching is a unique relationship and process with a strategic partner who is committed to your personal and professional development. Stephen P. Gallagher has been coaching lawyers for over 25-years. As your Executive Coach, I will:

  • Help you and your firm adapt to change, build a sustainable profitable law firm and support you in achieving balance in your professional and personal life;
  • Challenge and support you in attaining successful career transition. This may be a new role as managing partner, or a senior lawyer trying to develop a more flexible retirement option;
  • Help you clarify and focus on living life with purpose, passion and integrity;
  • Support your behaviors that forward action and progress toward your desired outcomes; and
  • Serve as consultant and practice management mentor, offering specific advice about business, leadership, communication, strategy, and maintaining life balance.

What are the Benefits of Coaching?

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching builds on developing practical skills necessary for sound practice management. Coaching supports fundamental shifts in perspective, behavior and self-management that include:

  • Clarity of vision and focus
  • Follow-through on a specific leadership action plan
  • Specific action within a Coaching Program structure
  • Breakthroughs in attitudes, behavior, and achievement
  • Courage to take action and follow through on bold ideas
  • Smooth navigation through change
  • Creative problem solving and “out of the box” thinking
  • Specific business planning strategy and tactics
  • Alignment of decisions with core strengths and values

You will benefit from coaching if you have:

  • A goal of increasing income while reducing stress in your life.
  • A desire for moving your professional practice to the next level.
  • A feeling that you want to take charge of the rest of your life.
  • A dream that a successful legal practice can be a fulfilling experience.
  • A belief that you can reach your goals faster and with greater ease with the help of an advocate committed to your cause.

Ten questions to determine if you need an Executive Coach

  1. Is your law firm performing at the level you believe it is capable of?
  2. Do you spend your days putting out fires instead of building for the future?
  3. Do you have a hard time hiring or retaining people who are “good enough” to do the job?
  4. Do you find yourself working for the business instead of the business working for you?
  5. Are you lacking a clear, measurable action plan and a structure to fulfill your goals?
  6. Are you satisfied with the balance of time at work and time with family?
  7. Is your business based on the experience and expertise of a few individuals (you among them) rather than on well-documented systems?
  8. Do you still have to create a viable financial plan and a path to eventually exit your business?
  9. Do your partners share your vision for the future of the firm?
  10. At work, do you have opportunities to learn and grow, and is there someone at work who encourages your development?

How Does LeadershipCoach.us Work?

LeadershipCoach.us is a form of executive coaching that is a custom-built, one-to-one developmental experience for a senior-level lawyer who wishes to enhance his or her leadership capabilities. After the half-hour complimentary session, a second telephone Practice Diagnostic is required. The Practice Diagnostic allows us to assess the feasibility of a coaching relationship and determine the client’s most pressing concerns. We will jointly determine if a coaching relationship might be of value for the client.

Once we have determined the best approach, we schedule telephone meetings monthly or bi-monthly, with email or “laser coaching” used between sessions. This arrangement fits well for busy practitioners. Distance is not a limitation in developing a valuable coaching partnership. Milestone meetings can be conducted in person every 12 weeks if this helps us meet your goals.

On-site coaching for individuals and teams is a feature within certain programs.