Disrupt Aging – Building New Pathways for the Road Ahead

In today’s legal marketplace, one of the profession’s biggest challenges will be ensuring an adequate supply of qualified lawyers to provide access to justice. Law firms will increasingly be looking to attract and retain lawyers of all ages who are fully engaged, emotionally connected, mentally focused, and spiritually aligned with a purpose beyond immediate self-interests. This is clearly a profession in transition, and it is a very positive development for all lawyers seeking career change or life transition.

Disrupt Aging requires every lawyer to re-examine beliefs and attitudes about the practice of law. The combination of longer life expectancy and technological advances is opening new expectations and new possibilities for lawyers. Disrupt Aging is not only changing what it means to age, but it means changing how we approach new markets for both mid-level attorneys looking to transition away from full-time practice to entry-level professionals interested in building a career. For those entry-level lawyers looking to get started, I know that the number of large firm, government and corporate jobs have decreased in recent years, but I am seeing young lawyers, who aspire to be solo or small firm lawyers have brighter futures when they are able to connect with the right mid-level to senior attorneys.

Transition Services Include:

Building on-line communities of Interest for lawyers who wish to explore ways to transition away from full-time law practice. My goal is to bring together Lawyers in Midlife as they move away from full-time law practice while at the same time, starting along a new path to explore new opportunities for new beginnings. It is my belief that there are lawyers that may need coaching support from experienced transition coaches for a short period of time along this new path.

Transition Planning, Succession or Retirement Planning can all be extremely challenging for law firms as well as individuals involved in each of these life-changing events. Increasingly, mid-career practitioners are looking to bar associations to help bring together lawyers seeking assistance with these life-transitions. Bar associations look to CLE program development, support groups, retirement/transition coaches or mentors to help individuals begin to establish retirement goals and exit strategies. As a former Practice Management Advisor with the New York State Bar Association, I support law firms and bar associations in designing and implementing transition services throughout the Country.

Developmental Transition takes place throughout life and at many points in a career. Change can happen at any time, but transition comes along when one chapter of your life is over and another is waiting in the wings to make its entrance. In many cases you cannot imagine a new chapter, but the fact is that letting go of one chapter in your life initiates the transition that concludes by begetting another chapter. A Transition Coach can help individuals as you go through these beginnings and endings all the way along the path. As you progress along this path, you are constantly letting go of what you thought you were and how you thought life would be. You can find yourself unable to recover and equally unable to embrace your new self comfortably.